FAQ / Glossary

Q :What is the Smartlink?

A : The Smartlink is our internal algorithm that automatically determinates the segment (it includes vertical, geo, carrier, OS and device) of your traffic and leads it to the best-converting offer available for that segment at this specific period of time. This guarantees you'll always have the best performance!

Q :How does the Smartlink work?

A : You only need to choose the vertical you would like to promote. You can choose between Dating and Mainstream. The Smartlink will start driving traffic to it straight away. In fact, the Smartlink will lead your traffic to the best converting offers of each vertical according to the traffic source.

Please remember we are using offers rotator. This means you will have to be ready for dynamic payouts and the use of generic ads, since your traffic will convert in different types of offers available on Wingoads!

Q :What is Fixed CPM?

A : We offer Flat-rate (fixed CPM), which means we pay a fixed agreed fee, usually for a defined period of time, regardless of performance factors such as volume of clicks or installs. If you wish to sell traffic via fixed CPM, please contact the manager in the Live Chat, share your traffic sources and top geos and we will come up with the decision shortly.

Q :What is CPA?

A : CPA is Cost per Acquisition. The publisher earns a fee once a required action such as sale, form submit, newsletter sign up or click is completed.

Q :Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

A : Please review our Terms and Conditions here.

Q :Do I have to sign a contract in order to join Wingoads Publisher Program?

A : No, we do not have any contract that publishers must sign in order to join our publisher program. The only requirement is to read our Terms and Conditions when registering.

Q :How do you control fraudulent traffic?

A : We investigate the traffic driven to Wingoads on a daily basis. We use our internal Fraud Detection Algorithm to recognize any fraudulent activity related to your account. The internal tool will check the behavior/specificities of IPs and check for abnormal ratios. We also analyze the cases reported by advertisers.

Q :Why do you only allow me to take a minimum of 50$?

A : There are two main reasons. First, the payments have fees associated. If there was no minimum payout, there would be cases where the amount of payout you receive would be too small. The minimum of 50 $ makes it all worthy for both.

Second reason is an internal decision which allows us to manage our time efficiently. Can you imagine bunch of affiliates asking for a 20$ payout daily?

Q :What is a Postback?

A : We are often integrated with our affiliates by S2S integration (Server to Server) Postback.

A postback is the information exchange between two servers when a conversion happens from the server of the advertiser or affiliate network to the server of the publisher.

We use it to send information which will be then tracked by the receiving party.

It can be used to forward the conversions and all the information connected to it to the Publisher's internal server or the tracking platform the Publisher uses.

In case you want to use Wingoads Tracking tool plus Voluum, AdsBridge or ThriveTracker, you can use the domain of your account there and all the tracking is going to be processed automatically between Wingoads and that specific tracking solution.

Q :When is the Support Squad available?

A : We provide support 7 days a week and our offices are open on weekdays from 9AM to 11PM (GMT). Please don't hesitate to contact us whenever you need! The Support Squad is here for you!

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